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Get the F.A.C.S!

  • Financial

    RSPG is your source for financial and advisory services! Our services include: •Distressed Situation Support •Mergers & Acquisitions •Fairness Opinions •Private Market Financings •Strategic Assessments & Liquidity Analysis
  • Analysis

    RSPG is your source for all analytical services including •Underwriting Analysis •Domestic and International Corporate Tax •Valuation Support •Industry Sector Analysis •Buy-Sell Analysis, and more!
  • Compliance

    RSPG is your source for all things compliance - From business and industry to private investment funds, to insurance companies - regulatory compliance is critical to success. RSPG provides the compliance services needed by executives, investors, auditors and financial managers!
  • Strategy

    The RSPG strategic team brings a “roll-up the sleeves - get it done” approach - beginning with intensive due diligence we provide: •Valuations •Risk assessments •Growth strategy assessments •Market evaluations •Capital structure analysis and optimization •Debt and equity alternatives •Liquidity analysis & alternatives •Succession planning •Transaction planning •Tax planning •Infrastructure planning and more!