About Us

Since 2001, the professionals at River Star Professional Group (RSPG) have been rolling up their sleeves helping business professionals and capital market institutions put money to work!

RSPG serves a wide range of Clients in numerous industries including: small and mid-cap companies, public corporations, and privately held operations in numerous industries as well the capital markets that serve those sectors.  Our Clients and their advisers rely on our responsiveness and expertise as well as our depth of skill and knowledge.

Since our inception, RSPG has continued to grow.  Today, we have offices in Michigan and Washington D.C., with satellites in strategic markets and we will continue to expand in the markets where our Clients need us to be.  We have served clients throughout the United States, several of which have international operations.

RSPG is focused on delivering the highest quality work products and building long-term relationships.  Our culture is based on our commitment to spirituality, family, and an environment where responsibility, dedication and entrepreneurialism can thrive.  Further, many of our team members volunteer their time, talent, and resources to positively influence the communities in which we are a part of.

Our mission is to assist our clients in achieving their objectives by providing vision and guidance supported by in-depth analysis and process management while identifying opportunities and resolving complex issues. Further, we apply these core values to everything we do:

  • Results – Results that matter are the goals that count. The processes and actions that we employ are focused to results that stimulate and enhance the profitability and stability of the Clients we serve.
  • Excellence – We shall continuously develop and integrate processes, standards and procedures that enhance the profitability and stability of Clients we serve.
  • Integrity – Human intellectual and academic mistakes happen, but we will not forgo our adherence to moral and ethical principles.
  • Humility – We shall be discreet and modest in all actions and provide service without arrogance or ego.
  • Charity – As members of the communities that we live and work, we shall practice benevolent giving and caring.

We look forward to building a relationship with you and assisting with the development of your goals and objectives.


Nicholas A. Cocco, Managing Director and each of the professional team members of River Star Professional Group